Hello! I’m Chloe, a Melbourne-based freelance writer and editor, looking to build a career in the publishing industry. Welcome to my online CV.

Currently, I’m a copyeditor and copywriter for Ascension magazine and a technical writer for Toot Sweet Consulting. I’ve previously been an editor of content and engagement for Equiem, and an editor at Melbourne Books and of the annual fiction and poetry anthology Award Winning Australian Writing. I was designer, editor and mentor for the Year 10 magazine production class at St Michael’s Grammar School, and an active committee member at Voiceworks magazine, where I mentored writers under the age of twenty-five.

My writing history covers fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and I’ve had work published and won prizes across these genres. I’m often scribbling down things friends have said at parties, and I have several notebooks full of narrative-based dreams I’ve recorded over the years.

I’ve always enjoyed learning new skills, in particular the ins-and-outs of Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere Pro. In my leisure time I attend literary events and volunteer — I’m a frequent attendee at the National Young Writers’ Festival and the Melbourne Writers Festival, a volunteer social media manager, photographer and filmographer at High Street Bells Choir, and a volunteer copyeditor and proofreader at Greyhound Rescue Victoria.

While an introvert at heart, I know the importance of effective communication — proper stakeholder management is key to a successful project.